composite-fillingsOur North Vancouver Dental Clinic offers different types of fillings designed to properly restore the look and function of your decayed or broken tooth.

When decay or dental caries destroys enamel and dentin, the resulting defect  is called a cavity. Left untreated, decay will eventually cause extensive damage to the tooth, and potentially cause the nerve to be infected. However, if the cavity is caught early, we can treat it with a simple filling, typically in one appointment.

We will first apply a local anesthetic, then use a drill or laser to remove the decay. After the cavity is prepared, conditioned and treated with special etching and bonding solutions we will choose the appropriate shade to match the exact colour of your tooth. This is the part where the science meets the art. After that, we will place the composite filling material to rebuild the missing tooth structure, to prevent further decay, and to protect the sensitive inner layers of the tooth from cold, heat or pressure. The filling is applied in layers and hardened with a special light. The final layers are shaped and polished to restore the tooth’s appearance and function.

composite-fillingsComposite (plastic resin) is the modern filling material of choice in most cases. We consider it superior to the silver amalgam fillings commonly used in the past. Silver amalgam fillings contain small amounts of mercury, while composite fillings are completely free of mercury. Composite fillings are also less likely to result in sensitivity to heat or cold, since the material does not expand or contract as much as silver amalgam. And since the composite material closely matches the colour of the tooth, fillings are nearly invisible.

If you feel that you have a cavity and need a filling, contact us for an appointment so we can discuss best options for you.

Tooth composite-fillings